On this page you will find details on Scooter Smart's service and repairs. This includes details of our initial service & also our ongoing service after you purchase your motorised mobility scooter.

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Mobility & Electric Scooters



Tuesday, 11 August 2020


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All Scooter Smart Mobility scooters are covered by a 12 month warranty.
Although our Scooter Smart scooters are made to the highest of standards and quality checked, to give you peace of mind and to keep you scooting hassle free, we will cover all working componentry excluding batteries... for 12 months.
The Warranty will, however, become void and inapplicable if the product has been used or handled in a manner other than in accordance with the instructions in the owner's manual, abused, or misused, damaged by accident or neglect or in being transported, or the defect is due to the product being repaired or tampered with by anyone other than Scooter Smart or a designated Scooter Smart technician.
Don't hesitate to give us a call so we may promptly get you back on track!


What we offer as part of our initial service.

Comprehensive orientation – Free home demonstration

When you have chosen your new Scooter Smart™ mobility scooter, we will take you through a comprehensive orientation of the device to assist you to have more confidence before heading out into public areas.

Australia's lowest prices

These are genuine offers. Our business philosophy is designed around a model that eliminates the middle man. We don’t require a showroom (we come to you), we have limited overheads and keep our business streamlined so we can genuinely pass the savings on to you. We have the ability to service your needs without expensive showrooms and workshops.

We pride ourselves in providing great quality electric mobilitly scooter products at competitive prices with excellent service. We stock all mobility scooters we sell so you get your new mobility scooter promptly.
Each product and mobitliy scooter component is put through our rigerous quality control testing program prior to being delivered to your door, ensuring the product you receive is of the highest of standards.

What we offer as part of our on-going mobility scooter service.

Scooter Smart™ provides full electric mobility scooter servicing & repairs for all of our products. It is recommended electric scooters should be serviced at least once a year to assist in the longevity of the device. We suggest heavy users of motorised mobility scooters have thier scooter serviced approximately every 6 months.

If your Scooter Smart™  mobility scooter is ready for a service, simply give us a call and we will arrange it to be serviced for you.


Spare Parts.

Scooter Smart™ stocks a large range of mobiliy scooter spare parts inclusive of batteries, lighting, control panels & tyers, so if you ever accidentally damage your Scooter Smart™  mobility scooter, we can arrange prompt replacement of the damaged parts to get you back on track.





We are proud and confident of our equipment. If you ever have a query, simply give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

If you need to sell your scooter then we can offer you professional advice and guidance in its disposal.


Simply put, we strongly believe that our existing customers are the best sales people we have. We are excited about what we do and what we have to offer you. We realise that some retail providers are falling behind in friendly, prompt and focused service these days!

We are here to give you peace of mind when purchasing your new investment. We have a strong, safe & customer focused attitude.


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